11. Specialized Training

At Acclaro, we recognize that the new systems and or processes that come into play with the end of any new project initiative can be a step change for some organizations.

Our team is well versed in not only recommending new systems, but in helping to implement and effectively handover the daily activities associated with any new project implementation. We are also capable of take on your subject matter cold, in partnership with your in-house subject matter experts, to create specific training programs for your team on any newly implemented or refreshed system/process.

During the lifecycle of a project, our team of engineers gains a deep knowledge of our clients' business. This enables them to adeptly measure and assess any potential staff training needs. Through strong communication and interpersonal skills, our team is able to empower your managers, engineers, maintainers and general system or process users with the knowledge and skills to achieve better results.

After implementation and training on any new project/system/process, we also recommend a lessons learned activity be undertaken, to ensure that any further enhancements to system improvements can be addressed early on in the life of a newly implemented system/process.

The best asset we can leave our clients is to leave you with a well documented training program, that your own teams are able to follow, to ensure continuity of knowledge within your company and best practice processes for your team.

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